New Mama Summit – Everything you wish you knew before you had your baby
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Say Bye to old wives tales and learn modern parenting advice for new mamas that actually works!

October 17-21, 2022

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Becoming a new parent is just as much about giving birth as marriage is about planning the wedding

It’s Not


There’s so much more to becoming a mama that no one bothered to tell you, like…

  • Navigating complicated new dynamics of your family
  • How “sleep like a baby” might not be the most accurate expression out there       
  • Introducing food to your baby isn’t as straightforward as it may seem
  • Babies and rashes go hand in hand: diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap and more
  • That it can be normal to experience some pretty scary thoughts

and so much more

As soon as you are visibly pregnant you aren’t able to go anywhere without hearing the unsolicited advice: the grocery store line, your co-workers and family.


Do you wonder how you are ever going to find your footing as a new parent and learn how to confidently make the decisions that are best for you and your family? 

That’s exactly what this summit is all about: helping you navigate the tough decisions new parents face every day with a side of support from other moms who have been there. 

Postpartum Mental Health- why you are feeling anxious and may be having scary thoughts

Feeding your baby- whether that is breastfeeding, chest feeding, formula feeding or introducing solids

Pelvic floor health beyond kegels, and help to reduce leaks

Healing after vaginal birth and Cesareans

Infant sleep and what “sleep like a baby” really means

Birth Prep- how to feel in the driver’s seat for your delivery

Pregnancy- feeling your best mentally and physically

Baby- what toxins are the biggest concern for growth and development 

All brought to you by experts, pediatricians, dieticians, psychologists, naturopathic doctors, lactation consultants and physiotherapists. Did we also mention that most of our speakers are mamas too?

And while a car seat might easily cost you $200+, this summit is absolutely free to attend. 


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THE New Mama Summit


30+ experts over 4 days will share the guidance mamas like you need to not only survive new motherhood, but to thrive!

This is especially for you if…

  • You’re equally excited and terrified of the new responsibilities and challenges motherhood brings
  • Googling doulas, colostrum, colic, and mastitis has your head spinning
  • You’re ready to go all in on a toxin-free childhood for your baby but are totally overwhelmed by the options and array of products out there
  • Introducing foods is stressing you out?! What is baby led weaning anyways? 
  • You’re out-of-your-mind-excited to meet your little one, but feeling completely unready for them to arrive

Wherever you are in your new parenthood journey, from  early pregnancy to watching your baby take their first steps, our lineup of experts are ready to help you make informed decisions that feel good.

Meet your Host

Hi, I’m Dr. Alexis Reid, a naturopathic doctor, toxicologist, chemical engineer, and creator of Eco Chic Movement, a non-toxic skincare line for moms and babies. Most importantly, I am a mama to my 3 year old son Harvey. 

In my practice as a naturopathic doctor, I saw so many parents who were struggling to care for their baby’s skin, and was well versed in how to manage eczema, rashes, breakouts and other skin conditions well before I became a mama myself. 

However, despite years of helping new parents with this particular area of parenting, I still had A LOT to learn. I underestimated how difficult breastfeeding a baby with a tongue tie, and food allergies would be. I thought I would recovery fairly quickly and didn’t anticipate how long postpartum recovery really takes. I was always “on the anxious side” but didn’t know the wide variety of ways postpartum anxiety can present like rage and intrusive thoughts. 

I don’t want you to have to figure it out all on your own the way that I did! I created the New Mama Summit to help babies and new parents get off to the very best start, and learn from experts without having to scour the internet or make heads or tails of the copious advice given in mom groups.  

I want you to join us! 


The Details


The New Mama Summit will run from Monday, October 17th to Thursday, October 20th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.



From the comfort of your own home, mama! You know that lovely new glider chair you bought for the nursery? That’s a perfect spot, or choose to tune in while pumping, baby-proofing the house, or right after one of your well-deserved naps. You can tune in from any computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet. Easy!



Presentations will be 25-40 minutes in length because we know you’re busy, so we’ve asked our presenters to get right to it. The presentations will be available for 48-hours so you can catch them no matter where you are in the world (or when your baby wakes you up for the 7th feeding of the night).



You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group just for new parents where we’ll get to hang out before the summit starts, so you can meet other attendees and catch some exclusive livestreams too, once the summit kicks off.



Ever been to a virtual baby shower? You’re invited to ours, with AMAZING prizes from great brands. None of the cleanup or awkward games, all the gifts. Come on in and join the fun


After registering, you can also upgrade your free ticket and grab the Ultimate Mama Bundle, an upgraded summit experience with access to all day live panels with our speakers on Friday October 21st, where you can get your questions answered, unlimited replays, juicy bonuses  from our speakers to keep the learning going, and the podcast version of the summit’s presentations so you can listen anywhere, anytime. You won't want to miss it!

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Finally an online conference to support new mamas

There are lots of opportunities for education in the parenting space, so what makes this summit difference? 

First, this summit was created specifically for new moms and birthing parents from the early stages of pregnancy to their first year. This isn't general advice for any parent out there, and will focus specifically on the decisions that need to be made and challenges faced in the earliest stages of parenthood. This is exclusively for first-time parents (or second-time parents who want to fill in the gaps and have an easier early motherhood experience this time around), at the beginning of their baby’s life. Every single presentation is focused on supporting you as you step into the beautiful, messy, hilarious, exhausting role of a new parent, making the presentations a whole lot more impactful.

The Speakers

Check out our  amazing speaker line up of expert pediatricians, chiropractors, psychologists, naturopathic doctors, and more!

Kate Borsato

How To Manage Scary Intrusive Thoughts


Nikki Bergen

Prenatal Core 101


Inemesit Graham @mummy_fitness

Hernias, Diastasis, and Decolonizing Fitness


Caitlin & Chelsea

Screentime Struggles


Melissa Guerriero

Get Pumped!


Allegra Gast

Treating your ladies with care: how to gently prevent clogged ducts and mastitis


Johane Filemon, MS, RDN

How to Remove the Stress When Feeding the Family


Emma The Naked Doula

The Birth Hacks Masterclass


Jessica Guy

What is normal infant sleep?


Abby Green

Perfectionism: Understanding The Benefits,Learning To Pivot, And Finding Grace On The Journey


Alyssa Miller

How to help your little try more foods


Lauren Hays & Megan Dalton

Who Is Holding The Mother?


Courtney Miller

Common Breastfeeding Challenges during the first 6 months


Fallon Smalls

Who told you that? Dispelling Common Myths About Nursing


Mallory Miller

The Truth on Tongue Ties


Nina Caviggiola


I hit rock bottom after baby #2: My Postpartum Mental Health Journey


Aliya Dhalla

What to do if you leak while pregnant (or after baby is born!)

Trill Paullin 2021 (2)

Trillitye Paullin, Ph.D

Scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of human milk & food allergies


Samantha Gollup

Body Respect during Pregnancy and Postpartum


Angela Wallace

FAQ for introducing solids 


Christina Paxton, MS, RDN

Meet and Replete Your Nutrient Needs Postpartum to Feel Your Best


Dr. Molly Millwood

Navigating the Emotional and Relational Landscape of Early Motherhood


Jena Schultz, PT, DPT,PCS  @drivingdevelopment

Setting Up Your Baby For Gross Motor Success From Day One


Dr. Lydia Brodie

Not Your Standard 6 Week Check (postpartum rehab)


Morgan & Alejandra

Moms & Creators

As you can see by that incredible lineup, you are *not* going to want to miss this event.

This summit is all about: bringing you five days of free, expert advice to help you navigate all the decisions and new experiences that come with the arrival of your little one, in clear, understandable terms delivered by doctors who are mothers themselves. PhD? Check. Been peed on? Check. They might even have a little baby vomit on their shirt as they deliver their talks, but that’s ok: they understand the intricacies of new parenthood and are ready to help.

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Hey Mama, it's time to...

  • Hear from actual experts like doctors, dieticians and therapists, not the arm-chair experts frantically posting on Facebook
  • Feel at ease knowing how to reduce your baby’s toxin exposures
  • Learn proven tools and techniques to cope with the dramatic changes new parenthood brings to your body, your relationships, and your day-to-day schedule
  • Grow confident in your well-informed decisions as you chart your own path through parenthood

Join us for the New Mama Summit today!

Here's What Attendees of Our Past Events Had to Say

" This summit was amazing! It gave me the starting point I needed to understand the basics of motherhood and who/when to reach out to when I need support. I highly recommend this summit!"


"Helped give new perspective and reduced my anxiety surrounding different topics like sleep, feeding, tantrums and pelvic floor recovery."


"Gave me good new info and helped increase my confidence as a new mom."


"I'm 32 weeks pregnant, so the New Mama Summit definitely helped me in preparation for labor that's inevitably to take place in the not so distant future. I hope to be able to apply the knowledge I've gathered from the summit in labor, postpartum, and supporting babe!"



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